Spa Massage

Precious time together.

Time Duration :- 2 hrs 30mins: 6000/-

Take sometime to reconnect with your Loved one . Being with our Signature Harmony Massage by 2 Therapists each, easing you into a state of total relaxation. Follow with White & Bright Facial treatment during which we use pure plant extracts to massage you further into world of Calm.
1.Signature Harmony by 2 Therapists.
2. White & Bright Facial treatment .

Ellora Signature Massage

Time duration:- 2 hrs & 30 mins: 4000/-

Our Signature Massage is blend of Asia's Two most popular massage Styles - Balinese &Thai massage. White & Bright Facial with whitening body scrub and Body Wrap.
1. Thai massage & Balinese massage by 2 Therapists.
2. White and Bright Facial treatment by 1 Therapists.
3. Whitening body scrub by 2.
4. Whitening body Wrap by 2.


Time duration:- 1 hrs & 30 mins: 2500/-

This treatment package begins with a Aroma massage to unwind and Followed with a COCO Butter deep Moisturizing Scrub to Leave you relaxed.
1. Aroma oil massage.
2. Coco butter deep moisturizing scrub.

Warm Stone Massage

Time duration:- 1 hrs & 30 mins 2200/-
Time duration:- 2 hrs 3000 /-

Heated Stones are placed on the body's various energy points to encourage the Body's Natural healing ability.The gliding motion of the stones in long flowing Strokes by the Therapists help to relax the muscles.

Ultimate Chill

Time Duration :- 1 hrs 30 mins 2500/-

A Combination of acupressure and reflexology, this 90 mins treatment that focuses on your feet, Ankles , Neck and Shoulders is the answer to very long day to work .

Abhyangam Massage

Time duration. 1 hrs 30 mins ,2500/-

Abhyanga is warm oil massage Using natural medicated oils to pacify your Dosha, relieving you of stress and bringing perfect sleep. This is followed by Swedana, an herbal stream, to continue to bring balance to the body and release toxins through the skin.

Virtalizing Deep tissue Massage

Time duration. 1 hrs: 2000/-
Time duration. 1 hrs 30 mins 2800/-

Deep tissue Massage Involves the massage therapist using her elbows, fingers or knuckles to apply Compression or Deep pressure to Spasmed or Knotted Muscles fibrous adhesions or trigger points I order to bring about a more profound state of relaxation.


Time duration 1 hrs 30 mins: 2000/-

Achieve Deep Relaxation and sound slumber with an Experience recomm end of the day. Utilising organic Vavender essential oil in a rhythmically and followed by Rejuvenating ginseng Wrap.
1.Swedish Massage.
2.Sea Mud Wrap.

Stress Relief Massage

Time duration: 1 hrs 30 mins, 2000/-
Time duration 2 hrs, 3000/-

This treatment focuses on the neck , Shoulder and Back area loosing the muscles that area tense due to daily. It is suitable for those who seek relaxation resulting from strenuous exercise or repetitive physical activities .

Balinese Massage

Time duration 1 hrs 15 mins, 1800/-
Time duration 1 hrs 30 mins, 2500/-

it's a holistic, deep tissue treatment that combines dry compress massage with passive stretching of your stimulates blood flow, relaxes muscle tension & to mate you feel relaxed & Spiritually renewed at the same time.

Sports Massage

Time duration 1 hrs: 1800/-
Time duration 1hrs 30 mins, 2500 /-

For the desiring individual who likes the focus on those tight and sore muscles this is a deep and penetrating massage performed with a selection of Aromatic Creams to choose from we believe if you maintain an active lifestyle this is the Massage for you.

Neromuscular Massage

Time duration 1 hrs,. 2000 /-
Time duration 1 hrs 30 mins.,2600 /-

Neuromuscular use of therapic techniques for the purpose of improving impaired movement, balance , CO-ordination , decreased kinestic sense, and impaired proprietion the procedure used at strictly therapeutic involve priprioception neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and muscle energy techniques (MET) .

Sea Mud Wrap

Time duration:- 1 hrs, 2000/-

All the benefits of the sea are contained in this unique body swap which helps to detoxify and Stimulate the skin while encouraging cellular metabolism this treatment is also able to counter fluid retention.

Himalayan Salt Glow

Time duration 50 mins, 1500/-

A deep exfoliating treatment using mineral-rich sea salt and rose water, the treatment involves small, Circular Strokes to remove dead Skin Cells and improve blood circulation.

Aromatic Back Massage

Time duration 30 mins, 800/-

A perfect introduction to Aromatic Oils, this massage concentrates on Relieving muscular tensions, circulations in increased while muscle tone and skin texture is improved.

Foot Reflexology

Time duration 30 mins, 700/-

Based on the reflex points on the foot, connecting to points throughout the body, this specialised treatment assists in the relief of tension, improves circulation and helps restore nature balance .

Bamboo Massage

Time duration 1 hrs, 2500/-
Time duration 1 hrs 30 mins: 3500/-

Bamboo massage is thus a perfect massage treatment as part of a detox stub born muscle pain and tension melt away with bamboo Massage. Similar to deep tissue Massage, Bamboo has the ability to release tension in major muscles through intensive kneading.

Chocolate Oil Massage

Time duration 1 hrs: 2000/-
Time duration 1 hrs 30 mins: 2800/-

Chocolate massage Oil helps improve circulation and soften the skin leaving it looking bright youthful in addition, the chocolate scent helps relax and soothe the body and mind and creates a more decadent therapeutic experience.

Magical Potali Massage

Time duration. 1 hrs 30 min, 3000/-

The Ayurvedic fomention compress ( Potli) contain a natural herbal dry fomention powder made of Aromatic herbs. The pain relief massage potli offers a natural way to relieve body pain through Aromatic medical herbs.

Thai Massage

Time duration 1 hrs: 2000 /-
Time duration 1 hrs 30 mins: 2500/-

The combination of gentle rocking, deep Stretching movement and Stretching of the spine makes this treatment a true invigorating massage. A Thai massage can help improve your flexibility and stimulate blood circulation.

Relaxing Aroma Oil Massage

Time duration 90 min, 3000/- Marma Body Massage

This exotic and highly therapeutic ,Ayurveda inspired massage with Aromatic Herbal oil Stimulaty the Marmas, the Body's vital pressure points this full body massage begins with the balancing of the heads marmas followed by the body's points Massaged by hands with long strokes the treatment concludes with a healing, herbal body mask followed by a warm shower.

Shirodhara Massage

Time duration 1 hrs, 2000/-

A Pleasant interpretation of a very popular and effective Ayurveda treatment, Shiro Dhara Starts with a Synchronised body Massage Performed by two Therapists and then, a fine Stream of worm oil is directed on th 'third eye' are of the forehead while hands and feed. Are gently massaged. This has a reflex balancing effect on the deepest recesses of the brain and includes a blissful seronity and expanded consciousness.

Swedish Massage

Time duration 1 hr., 1500/-
Time duration 1 hrs 30 min, 2200/-

This classical technique uses rejuvenating oils to provide a firm deeply relaxing & calming massage using light pressure to ease muscle tension and increase blood circulation.